Next Event: February 23-27, 2011 in Miami FL

What, When, Where

Please visit the BattleBots website for all the event details:  Below are the main points:

Who Can Compete:

This tournament will be open to the following Bots and Divisions:

  • High School 120 lbs.
  • College 120 lbs.
  • Pro 120 lbs.
  • High School 15 lbs.
  • College 15 lbs.
  • Pro 15 lbs.
  • Middle School Task Oriented
  • High School Task Oriented
  • College Task Oriented

BotsIQ is proud to announce that this year’s task oriented competition will feature the VEX robotics system. More details will be posted soon. Go to for more info on the VEX robotic system.


Registration is now closed. If you registered for the even you can check your status over at

Again, all event details are posted on the website. Hope to see you all in Miami!